Sexual Assault Response Teams

Sexual violence continues to be a significant problem in Florida that can destroy lives. When victims’ needs are not met, and they do not receive social and emotional support, they may be subject to revictimization.  The Statewide Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Advisory Committee believes that victims are entitled to be treated in a dignified, sensitive, and competent manner, which requires allied professionals to work together. By providing a coordinated, multidisciplinary victim-centered approach to sexual assault investigations and service provision, responders can help minimize the trauma that victims experience and encourage others to come forward and seek help.

A SART is a community-wide multidisciplinary coordinating group that promotes a comprehensive response to sexual violence.  SARTs benefit communities by:

  • Ensuring victims have the best and most comprehensive services available
  • Helping bring perpetrators to justice
  • Providing a forum for discussion and problem solving for service providers, investigators, and prosecutors
  • Assisting communities in creating coherent and effective protocols
  • Informing professionals about emerging technologies in forensic science, including toxicology and biology (DNA) where there are continuing advances and improvements in the techniques and processes being employed
  • Improving communication and fostering a good working relationship amongst agencies

Florida SART Information and Resources

FCASV has developed a number of resources to help SARTs in Florida develop.  They include:

Statewide SART Advisory Committee Reports

SART Toolkit

SART Checklist

National SART Information and Resources

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) SART Toolkit, 2018

National SART Toolkit

SART models/resources that FCASV has found particularly useful include:

Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force SART Handbook

Pennsylvania Coaltion Against Rape Sexual Assault Response Team Guidelines

Sexual Violence Justice Institute, Minnesota Coaltion Against Sexual Assault