Eva Fiallos-Díaz, MSW, LCSW

Eva Fiallos-Díaz
Rural Project Manager

Eva graduated with their Masters of Clinical Social Work (MSW) from FSU in 2009 and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in 2016. They became involved in the sexual violence movement in 2004 when they began volunteering for their local sexual assault program. In 2016, Eva joined the FCASV team as the Rural Project Coordinator on a project aimed at strengthening direct services and SARTs in rural communities with an emphasis on promoting services among migrant farmworking communities. Eva identifies as a bicultural Latinx immigrant survivor, healer, and intersectional activist. They are drawn to holistic healing that incorporates culturally appropriate and specific modalities. Eva also enjoys reading fiction and graphic novels, outdoor activities, and making things with their hands.