Sexual Battery Victims Rights And Services


Victims of sexual crimes need compassion, sensitivity and empathy. Being the victim of a crime can be overwhelming. Your reactions are normal. Local certified rape crisis centers have advocates who are there to help all victims, regardless of whether or not they report to law enforcement. Services are free and confidential – certified rape crisis centers are legally and ethically required to protect your confidentiality, unless you allow, in writing, the release of your information.

Advocates are available to:

  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Speak to you on the 24-hour hotline
  • Discuss your options
  • Navigate available resources
  • Go with you to appointments
  • Address safety concerns
  • Advocate on your behalf
  • Help you apply for victim compensation

Call 1-888-956-7273 to be referred to local services

(This Brochure Is Only Available For Certified Rape Crisis Centers)

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